Brian Anderson

a.k.a. brson
on GitHub
and elsewhere.

I helped make this one great thing. I do other things too.

My stuff is on GitHub. I keep a worklog. I rarely blog, though I do like writing.

Currently I am employed by PingCAP to hack on the TiKV database, and represent their interests in the Rust community with my 🌈 ❤️ personality (such as it is …).

My LinkedIn page is pretty up to date, and I accept connection requests, though perhaps belatedly. My status there will indicate whether I'm looking for gigs or not. I also have a traditional resume, if you are into those.

I like making friends! If you want to contact me please send email to, or ping me directly on various chat platforms, like Telegram (MrBrianAnderson), WeChat (MrBrianAnderson), or Rust discord (brson#7939). Other methods of contact, including GitHub pings, are unlikely to be noticed. If I don't respond quickly, it's not because I don't care — it's mostly because of extreme inbox anxiety. If you keep trying, I won't be offended, and your chances of success will improve.

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