Allagash River Trip

River Trip. Allagash brewery, Portland, Maine.

“Belgian-style session ale”.

Brewed with coriander.


Hazy, gold, orange tint. 1cm head that holds up pretty well.



Citrusy. Lemon. Pomelo. Smells like it will be crisp and refreshing.



Spoiled. Funky. Dull. Not sweet like it smells. Horse manure. I can’t quite identify it, but something “wrong” hit me right away. It’s not completely repulsive, but it’s not a flavor I’m familiar with. Maybe it’s the coriander.

Every time I taste it I think it’s wierd, give the memory a few seconds to fade, try again, thinking I will acclimate to it, and am struck by the wierdness anew.

I’ve gone back and tasted it so many times, and my impression just gets worse.



Bitterness lingers on the tongue. My mouth feels a bit numb. I’m smacking my tongue around to try to clean my mouth out.



Does not remind me at all of Belgian beers, even less so than the Devotion Blonde. Not something I would seek out, but I would try it again to see if my opinion of it improved.

I said outloud that I don’t like it, a rarity.

“This is a disgusting beer”.