Brian Anderson

a.k.a. brson
on GitHub
and elsewhere.

I helped make a big thing that people like and that I am proud of.

My hacker stuff is on GitHub. I keep a worklog that is summarized in weekly status reports. I rarely blog, though I do like writing, and have recently begun to review the beers I encounter on my adventure.

Lately I hack on the TiKV database for PingCAP, take occassional Rust-related contracts, participate in hackathons, support my loving partner, travel a lot, and drink too much.

My LinkedIn page is pretty up to date, and I accept connection requests, though perhaps belatedly. I also keep a resume.

I like making friends! Currently the best way to contact me is on Telegram (MrBrianAnderson), though email ( also works. I won't notice GitHub pings. It can be difficult to get a response from me, mostly due to my extreme inbox anxiety. If you keep trying, I won't be offended.

Bonus: I now have an Instagram account, and a Twitter account.