Brian Anderson

Software Craftsperson


I am a creative hacker with diverse skills much beyond software construction, a history in systems programming, software validation, programming languages, and open source community building. I co-founded the Rust programming language and its sister project, the Servo web browser. When I'm part of projects that stimulate my imagination I tend to make unpredictably-good things happen. I am always growing, though usually in mercurial directions that support my own shifting personal goals.


Systems Programming

Over a decade of professional experience in low-level programming.

Software Validation

Deep enthusiasm for ensuring correctness and quality through aggressive testing and automation.

Open Source Communities

I've been at the forefront of an open source project that is renowned for successful contributor engagement.



Software Engineer

March 2018 –

Oversaw the rollout and maintenance of Reddit's new Markdown parser.

Consulting for PingCAP.

Various consulting in the Rust blockchain industry.


Senior Database Engineer

December 2018 – September 2021

Contributing to TiKV, a distributed key-value store.

I was a full-time employee for about a year, ~2019-2020.


Senior Research Engineer

2011 – 2017

Founding member of the Rust and Servo projects: an open source, memory-safe, systems language with the performance of C++, and a web browse written in Rust. Rust core team member.

Wrote large portions of Rust's original green-threading runtime, and ported the entire runtime from C++ to Rust.

Wrote Rust's built in unit testing framework, maintained its test suite, and developed tools for large-scale regression testing of the entire language ecosystem.

Created the tools and automation for building, installing, upgrading and distributing Rust for all supported platforms

Lead a variety of community-building initiatives, including coordination of dozens of global meetup groups, mentoring contributors, running contributor-oriented projects. Gave away thousands of stickers.

Maintained the Rust website, documentation, the release process, and generally ensured that it presented a polished user experience.

More of my Rust work at


Software Engineer

2008 – 2011

Developed point-of-sale software for handheld devices in C# and C++, across four business units.

Lead the design of new handheld software during a conversion to the SAP platform.

Instituted device management proceedures and infrastructure for managing ~10k devices globally.

Clifton Labs

Software Engineer

2005 – 2008

Led the design and development of desktop software for simulating surgical spinal correction. Customer was happy. Still the best single piece of software I ever wrote.

Small-scale R&D into embedded and kernel software for DoD and medical contracts.


University of Cincinnati

B.S. in Computer Science, 2005