Founders KBS

KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout). Founders brewery. Grand Rapids, MI.

“Ale brewed with chocolate and coffee, aged in oak bourbon barrels.”

I love stouts, but generally don’t love them with adjuncts. This one though is extremely well reviewed, so I’ve been looking out for it.

I had one earlier and the week and was super impressed, but now I’m going to really pay close attention.

12% ABV


Typical opaque dark brown. Nearly black. Mimimal bubbling during pour, but it accumulates about a finger worth of perfect head, with tiny bubbles.




Like a chocolate-bourbon candy.

Not only does it smell like chocolate, but it smells like appetizing chocolate, that promises to taste actually good.

So many doped beers have flavors that, while recognizable, are just kind of bad.



Chocolatey, and roasty.

A little burnt flavor.

Darker and more bitter than the smell promises.

Bittersweet chocolate.

Notable that I don’t detect the coffee at all, even though this is brewed with it.

Aftertaste is bitter and chocolatey. Fades relatively fast.


Smooth for a stout.

Coats the mouth for a while, typical. I don’t love that sensation generally.



The best stout brewed with chocolate I’ve had.

Coffee flaver is missing.

A great beer.