Bell's Two Hearted Ale

Two Hearted Ale. Bell’s. Comstock, Michigan.

“A perfectly balanced American IPA”.

Been looking forward to reviewing this one after drinking a case of them over the last week.

I’ve had this beer in the past without appreciating it, but have been very taken with it this week, particularly after several weeks of drinking heavy, challenging beers.

7% ABV.


Color is gorgeous hazy dried apricots. Perfect thick, pillowy head, like the best roiling polluted stream.

This is a lovely looking beer.



Lighter than I expected, knowing how delicious this beer is.

Every beer I’ve tasted recently has had a surprisingly light smell. Suspicous. Maybe just early stage coronavirus.

The smell does come out a bit with some light swirling.

Vague fruit.



The bitterness strikes me first, with a hint of sweet fruitiness.

I can’t place the fruit though.

I need to get a smell box, or whatever it’s called - the kit with a bunch of scents for training your nose.

I’m surprised - after enjoying this beer so much over so many days recently, I’m having a hard time describing why.

It’s pretty simple, but it’s got a full, hoppy flavor, in the American style, with just a hint of sweetness.



Great. Delicate. Drinkable.



This is a very high quality and well-balanced beer.