Mother Earth 4Seasons Imperial Stout

4Seasons Imperial Stout. Mother Earth Brew Co. Vista, CA.

“Imperial salted caramel oatmeal stout”.

11.2% ABV.


Looks thick and viscous. The pour puddles the surface like a thick balsamic vinegar.

No head at all, but the surface is pocked and distorted by a few sparse, trapped bubbles.

A tar pit.

Looks extremely flat and uncarbonated, even moreso that typical for stouts.

The lack of carbonation makes it look like a flat coke, which is pretty unappealing, though the pour was interesting.

Cute can.



Wow, I can smell the caramel.

It doesn’t necessarily smell like great caramel, but it is very there.

Strong sugar smell.

It’s interesting enough.



First impression was “wow”, unique flavors, but a few seconds letter turned to “ugh”, with some awkward aftertaste.

Tastes like it contains caramel!

I make an ugly facial expression on the second taste.

It’s unique. I haven’t had anything like it.

Aimee says it’s “special”, but in a patronizing way, not an admiring way.

Bad aftertaste.

Every time I taste, the first hit on the tongue is kinda neat, but then quickly shifts into grossness.

When tasting many beers with adjuncts, you can taste the added flavor, but it still isn’t good. In this case the caramel flavor has basically been ruined, unlike the KBS, where the chocolate still tastes like yummy chocolate.



Goopy and thick. Not much carbonation.



A noble but unsuccessful experiment.