Dogfish Head 90 Minute Imperial IPA

90 Minute Imperial IPA. Dogfish Head. Milton, DE.

I recently enjoyed a $40 case of their 120 Minute IPA, slowly, and every time I was away from it a craved it more.

Oh, I’m craving it now.

Anyway, this is the little brother of the 120 Minute, with the 60 Minute being the baby of the family.

I’m psyched.

9% ABV.


I failed to take note of the head while I was reminiscing about the 120 Minute IPA.

Amber and not cloudy, where the 120 Minute was cloudy.

Looks similar to Bell’s Two Hearted, which has been my go-to IPA recently.



Light smell. Faint apples.

Aimee says “sugar”, and thinks it smells sweet.


After it has warmed to room temperature I can smell the alcohol with a bit of swirling.



Yummy. The first taste is complex, with flavors unfolding over a few seconds. I made sounds.

It’s bitter. Slight citrus rind? Orange zest?

I don’t feel as enthusiastic about subsequent tastings as I did of the first sip: the complexity has abated as my mouth has become coated in bitter aftertaste.



I’m looking at a beer flavor wheel, and pick the word “round”.



It’s fine. I think the flavor profile is similar to Bell’s Two Hearted, but this is not as balanced and drinkable.

I’d be interested in comparing the two directly. Also interested in tasting the 60 Minute.

This is a strong beer. I feel it.