Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

60 Minute IPA. Dogfish Head Brewery. Milton, DE.

6% ABV.

Continuing our Nty Minute IPA journey, we started with the 120 Minute, then the 90 Minute, now finally the baby 60 Minute.

Although I wasn’t initially too excited by the 90 Minute, but like the 120 Minute I found myself craving it any time I wasn’t in its presence, and kept coming back to it eagerly.

So I’m expecting this to be yummy.

I indirectly compared the 90 Minute to Bell’s Two Hearted, feeling they had similar character, but 90 Minute was a 9% ABV imperial IPA, and this one is 6% ABV, more comparable to Two Hearted’s 7%.


Pours easily to a perfect pillowy head.

Bright orange and cloudy.

I recall the 90 Minute being less cloudy than I expected. This seems more cloudy than that.

Looks delicious.



Definitely fruity.

I feel like peaches.

A little citrus.

Smell is a bit faint, but definitely there.




It’s not as fruity as I was expecting. The taste is generally milder than I was expecting.

Goes down real easy.

The hops expression is strong. It’s bitter.

I detect something a bit off in it, musty. The word “horse” keeps coming to mind, but it’s definitely not a barnyard.






Super drinkable. I like it. More than the 90 Minute? I don’t know yet. More than Bell’s Two Hearted? I don’t know yet.

But I intend to find out.