Toppling Goliath Dragon Fandango

Dragon Fandango. Toppling Goliath Brewery. Decorah, IA.

“Beer with mango, passion fruit, and dragon fruit”.

No indication of the ABV, also no indication of what kind of beer this is, just beer with fruit.

I like this brewery a lot, but I’m a bit aprehensive about this.


Looks like fruit punch.

No head, but some evident carbonation.

I’m expecting it to be sour and sweet.



Strong sour and sweet flavor. Very fruity, but I’m not sure what kind: it doesn’t smell much like mango or dragonfruit, so I’m assuming the passionfruit is coming through. Some mango.

It doesn’t smell like what I want out of a beer, but for something sour-fruity, it does smell good.



It’s sour.

I wish I knew what passionfruit tastes like. I think I can taste the mango, and dragonfruit itself has such a mild flavor that it’s hard to image how it fits in here.

But containing dragon fruit means the beer can have “dragon” in the name.

Aimee shows me a picture of passionfruit, and yeah, this tastes like passionfruit.

Anyway, this is too sour for anything but a curious tasting.

Hard to drink.

This doesn’t taste bad. It probably tastes good, but maybe for a child craving some delicious candy, not for an old man craving a refreshing beer.



A bit too viscous for me, like drinking juice.

Fizzy like a seltzer.



Sour beers are a frontier I’ve yet to explore, but this is so hard to drink, just aggressively sweet and sour.

Like everything I’m sure its an acquired taste.

It’s going to be a chore finishing the case of these.

It’s on my agenda to taste more sour beers.