Showdown: Bell's Two Hearted Ale vs. Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

This is it: the event we’ve all (Aimee and I) been anticipating.

We’ve drank so many of these recently, and we love them both.

It’s time to put them head to head and figure out which is yummest.


Very similar. Unsurprisingly. Both pour a creamy white head.

Both hazy orange, but 60 Minute is a little more yellow, Two Hearted more caramel.

Two Hearted looks yummer.

BTH: 5

60M: 5

Winner: BTH


60 Minute is light and a bit citrusy sweet. Surprisingly light smell.

BTH is also surprisingly light. They are noticably different.

I think there’s a little more fruit in the BTH; Aimee says “grapes”.

Now after smelling them both my nose is just confused.

60M is more sour-citrusy; BTH is more sweety-fruity.

Can’t give them a great score because the smell is so weak.

After warming a while I smell a bit of honey on the 60M; Aimee disagrees, even after trying to mind-controller by saying “honey, honey, honey”, then handing her the glass.

BTH: 4

60M: 4

Winner: Tie


First thing I note about the 60M is the bitterness. A bit of grapefruit- or pomelo-like combination of sweet and bitter.

I don’t have much to say about it: it’s simple, but clearly made with good hops.

We’ve had plenty of beers that were challenging and complex, but were disgusting. This is the opposite.

Two Hearted is clearly fruitier. Aimee still says “grapes”.

The thing that is so great about the BTH is that the hoppy bitterness is balanced with that sweetness.

With the 60 Minute I taste it and think, “yup, that’s an IPA”; but the Bell’s Two Hearted has got something more.

BTH: 5

60M: 4

Winner: BTH


Both have a similarly smooth and round mouthfeel. Goes down easy, doesn’t stick around to regret a mouthful of syrup.

BTH: 3

60M: 3

Winner: Tie


They are both great beers. The Two Hearted is a bit sweeter and fruitier, the 60 Minute slightly more bitter.

I would drink a million of either if they were lined up in front of me, but if a million of both were lined up in front of me, I’d probably drink a million of the Two Hearted, half a million of the 60 Minute, then leave the last half million for Aimee.

I don’t know, maybe I’d save her one or two of the BTH.

BTH: 5

60M: 4

Winner: BTH