Dogfish Head Hazy O

Hazy-O! Dogfish Head Brewery. Milton, DE.

7.1% ABV.

Their 120 Minute IPA was an object of desire for me last year, and I’ll drink the 60 Minute IPA any time. Been eyeballing this one for a while.

First beer review after several months break, after having my gallbladder removed.

I swore I would never drink again.


Bright yellow as it pours out of the can. I was making “ooh” sounds.

Looks juicy and bright and hazy orange in the glass.



Juicy, juicy. Grapefruit.

Aimee says “pineapple”.

Oh, yeah, definitely pineapple. Glass of pineapple juice here.



It’s yummy.

It does not though taste like pineapple juice.

I read the can and see that it is made with oats and oat milk, usually said to give beer a “smooth” mouthfeel.

The hoppiness is not overwhelming. It lingers for a while.

By the end of the glass there’s something about the hops here that I don’t love. It’s a biting, sharp, flavor. I just keep noticing the hops and not quite digging it.



Aimee thinks it has a smooth feel. Compared to Two-Hearted, one of our go-tos, she thinks that one has a more “honey” feel (which I interpret to mean “syrupy” and thick) than this.



We drink this fast.

Aimee approves.

I approve.