Wiedemann's Bohemian Golden Pilsner

Bohemian Golden Pilsner. Wiedemann Brewing. Cincinnati, OH.

5.0% ABV.

This is the one. The beer that redeems Cincinnati’s entire brewing scene.

Aimee learned of this brewery from the news of the “Cincinnati’s Favorite Beer 2021” competition, which seems to be run by the Cincinnati Enquirer. This beer was the winner, and we had the good luck to find it in stock at a nearby Kroger.

We’ve already tasted it, and there’s good news ahead.


Easy pour. Not a lot of frothing on the head. Classic golden effervescent color.

Handsome old school can.



Mild and bready-yeasty. Nothing special.

Aimee observes there is no pee-pee smell, which I take to be a plus.



Clean and crisp.

Mostly notable for the lack of bad flavors or aftertaste.

Mild classic hops bitterness. So balanced.

I insist on a tiny hint of banana. Real tiny.

It’s so simple that I feel strange giving it a 5 of 5 for taste, but it’s such a great example of a simple classic.



Goes down real easy. No lingering syrupiness coating the mouth.



Great everyday go-to beer.

Excellent example of the style. I don’t have a lot of pilsner experience, and most of the ones I’ve had I didn’t love. My benchmark for the style is Ayinger Pils, which I loved a lot.

I’d love to compare the two directly, perhaps with a Pilsner Urquell and a Budweiser in the mix.

If I could give this more than a 5 I would. It’s a perfect example of a classic style.

This is a beer to convert people who only know bad beer.