Rochester Mills Mango Kiss Milkshake IPA

Mango Kiss. Rochester Mills Beer Co. Auburn Hils, MI.

6.5% ABV.

“Ale brewed with milk sugars, mangos, and vanilla”.

Oh yippy. I’ve been thinking about flavored milkshake IPAs for weeks. It’s time to get down to business. That is, the business of badly-reviewing good beers.

I love this:

So great. I want to know what hops are in my beer. It helps me a lot to understand why the beer tastes like it does.


Creamy, tightly-laced head. Super-cloudy. Looks thick and yummy.



The smell is fainter than I expected. Definitely fruity. Yes — I can smell the mango!

It’s mango!

I say “it’s nothing but mango”.

Aimee dares to say, “do you smell a little bit of sweet potato?”

I smell it. I do not.

She speculates that perhaps sweet potato has similar flavors to vanilla, which is in this beer.



Aimee tastes before me, as she always does, and says “oh”.

Then, “oh!”

I taste it and do the exact same thing, even with the second, more pronounced “oh!”

It’s striking.

The vanilla is strong. Something here is too strong. Not balanced.

Aimee continues to insist on sweet potato: hot roasted sweet potato.

Everything comes out: you taste the vanilla, you taste the mango, and the hops hit hard.



Thick and sticks around a while. It’s honestly not that pleasant. My mouth feels like it needs a wash.



I haven’t had many of these flavored milkshake IPAs to compare to. This one is … fine. Like so many beers. It’s fine.

It’s a beer.

No, come on: this one is different. Remember, you said “oh … oh!”

But I don’t like it all that much. Looking forward to trying more flavored milkshake IPAs, though.

I notice Aimee has stopped sipping. I have stopped sipping. There’s about a quarter of the beer left in the glass.

I initially give this a 3 (and after many minutes we still haven’t finished the glass), but this is interesting and “good”, so I feel bad to just shrug it off with a middle-of-the-road 3.