Platform Sun Surfer Hawaiian Style IPA

Sun Surfer Hawaiian Style IPA. Platform Beer Co. Cleveland, OH.

4.9% ABV.

Continuing to investigate IPAs with interesting adjuncts, this time guava and pineapple.

OK, check out this labeling:

So educational. Best I’ve seen.


Not much head at all on the pour. Surprisingly this isn’t a hazy IPA.

Golden to amber.



Wow. It’s sweet like juice. Guava.

I don’t smell the pineapple.

That’s it. Just juice.

Aimee discovers that the can does smell like pineapple. The poured beer does not, the can does. Curious.

Can is pretty; labeling is great.



Aimee says “hm”, and I say “hungh”.

It’s odd.

As with the previous juicy IPA we tried, I find that the taste is not nearly as fruity as the smell, with the biterness covering up a lot of the expected flavor.

The body is light.

I suspect that without the adjuncts this would be an uninteresting IPA.

The taste is complex, but the constituent flavors don’t seem to work with each other.

It tastes bad.



The mouthfeel is light.



Super disappointing. With all the ingredients spelled out on the can I was expecting something … sophisticated.

This does have three types of hops I haven’t heard of before, so it seems quite an experimental beer.

There are probably too many ingredients in this beer, and the sum is not greater than the parts.