Andechs Doppelbock Dunkel

Doppelbock Dunkel. Andechs. Andechs, Germany.

7.1% ABV.

I used to drink this a lot in San Francisco. Last fall, in Rochester, I was looking out for doppelbocks and couldn’t find them. Not really craving one now, but excited to refresh my memory.


Relatively light head that I poured a bit aggressively to get to foam up. Dark caramel colored.



Super malty. Caramel. Burnt sugar.

Aimee says “loquat extract”. I do not know what loquat is. She clarifies that it is not fresh loquat, but the extract.



First thing I notice is the mouthfeel. Thick.

The taste is just straight malt drink. Not subtle.

There’s some undertone on the aftertaste here that I really dislike, and that I can’t quite identify.

Something swampy.

The first thing that hits is the heavy malt flavor, then that fades away and leaves a light bitterness just coating the mouth.



Syrupy and flat. Just sits on your tongue. Not pleasant.



This is fascinatingly dissappointing. I used to drink this beer a lot.

It’s extremely boring. Just dark roasted malt.

The lack of carbination really hurts. Maybe this one has been sitting a long time.