Boulevard Tank 7 American Saison

Tank 7 American Saison. Boulevard Brewing Co. Kansas City, MO.

8.5% ABV.

Further explorations of saison, from a brewery we like.

The perfect pour.


I am not gentle with the pour, and in saison style, it comes out in a huge heady mess. The glass is 80% head.

Hazy, dirty straw color.



Aimee says, “smells like meat”, and I respond, “meat??”

“Like it has a thick body”.

Then she says, “some pinky flavor, but pinky is not a flavor”.

I guess that means it smells pink.

Fruity. As with previous beers, the pour smells significantly different than the can, the can smelling much stronger of citrus.

The can smells like orange juice, the glass more like grapefruit.

What else?

Aimee says “perfume for a 20-year old girl”.



Wow. It’s nice.

Besides the citrus, it’s smooth. Vanilla. Spices. What kind? Peppery, but not pepper.

There’s a floral taste that drifts up the sinuses.

Lemon hard candy.

Good hop balance.

This is much more balanced than I expected. It’s not super sour.






It’s awesome. Like a lot of American craft beers, it takes the base style and throws a bunch of modern hops on top, which for me, at this moment in my life, creates a nice balance, where many European beers I find too single-note; though Aimee finds it too bitter.