Short Throw Treachery Of Fruit Gose

The Treachery of Fruit. Short Throw Brewing Co. North Haven, CT.

6% ABV.

“Gose style ale with mangoes and apricots”.


Pours beautifully. Looks thick and syrupy, like mango juice.

Head dissipates fast.



Sour and fruity. Mango.

Aimee discovers in it “baked sweet potato”, or a sweet potato casserole. Also cantaloupe.

“It’s so complicated”.

The smell is not as strong as I expected, and it’s not as inviting as I expected.

Let’s see how it affects the taste.



It is sour juice.

I can’t help but think this type of thing would be better to start with a can of gose, and mix it with fresh juice, instead of having the juice sitting in the can.

It is not very beer-like.

It does taste relatively good.



Thick. A sediment remains on the walls of the glass.



I can see this being enjoyed by somebody who doesn’t love the taste of beer, but that person I don’t think would be likely to find this beer at all.

It’s so thick though that you can’t drink a lot of it.

It’s ok for what it is, but I’ve had juiced beers that I liked better.