Novel Strand Green Showers

Green Showers. Novel Strand Brewery. Denver, CO.

6.2% ABV.

“Unfiltered hoppy beer”.

A few blocks from our Airbnb, this brewery is a coffeeshop in the morning, taproom at night.

This seems to be their house beer, the first beer listed on their menu, so should show off what they are good at. Served to us not from the tap but from a can.

Cloudy orange-yellow. Big foamy head.

Smell is non-specific citrus, orange maybe.

Kinda plain bitter. Not sweet or fruity. Watery and drinkable.

It’s not really anywhere on the flavor wheel: not vegetal, not fruity, not bready.

Maybe a little fruity.

Huh, after taking a sip of this other fruity-sour beer I have on hand, then coming back to this one, I am in the vegetal zone.

Or perhaps the medicinal zone. I am experiencing a sesation like biting into a pill that isn’t supposed to be tasted. Basic. As in, the opposite of acidic.

Anyway, I shouldn’t be too mean — I plan to hang out at this place a lot, and what if they see my mean blog?

After some time to open up, the smell changes, becomes a bit … fungal, I don’t know — not like feet, a bit like cheese.

I’ll finish this one but won’t order it again.

A little too unbalanced for my taste. It’s just bitter.